Prices of 2020


Tent Karsten (two persons) 10 euro per night + 14 euro p.p.p.n..

Double room 15 euro per night + 14 euro p.p.p.n....

Quadruple  room 30 Euro per night + 14 Euro p.p.p.n....


Camping with own tent p.p.p.n. 14 euro.

Reservation for camping with your own tent is not necessary.


The quadruple room can be rented only from minimum three persons.


No desire to drag with the sleeping bag? We offer a linen package with the following content: pillow with cover, duvet cover and sheets. The package costs 7,50 euro pp/week.


To make it even easier? We rent a towel package with a guest towel, bath towel and two towels. Also, this package costs 7,5 euro pp/week.


In our Karsen tent there are 2 field beds with matrasses in it for rent.

Your own sleeping bag is necessary.

Price 10 euro per night + 14 euro p.p.p.n.

NEW: sleeping bag package, it is also possible to rent a sleeping bag (extra wide: 140 cm) with pillow.

Package costs 7,50 euro pp/week.


It is not allowed to cook in our rooms or in the Karstenkent.



For booking the rooms, tents, the bed linen package or the towel package, we ask you to make contact by email:


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